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Molded Cable Assemblies

Subminiature "D" Cable Assemblies
A variety of D-sub connectors are available for both molded and mechanical assemblies.  Options include thumbscrews, high density, shielding and right angle.  Available in 9-, 15-, 25-, and 37- position, male and female.  Assemblies made to your specifications.
DIN Cable Assemblies
Our molded DIN and mini-DIN cables are made to meet your specific requirements.  Pin configurations are shown below.  Options include coiling, shielding, and pin-out.  Some available in right -angle.
DIN Pin Configurations
Modular Keyboard Cable Assemblies
Using UL style 20512 tinned copper cable, these assemblies are built to your specifications to interconnect electronic computers, business machines and telephone equipment.  Available in 4, 6, 8 position, in straight and retractile lengths.  Molded versions are available.
GPIB Cable Assemblies
General Purpose Interface Bus cable assemblies are used in IEEE-48 compatible electronic equipment applications.  Both ends are combination male/female connectors, and are available in molded and mechanical.  Shielding is also optional.
Parallel Interface Cabe Assemblies
For computer-printer parallel interface, these molded assemblies have a 36 position ribbon Centronics connector on one end, and a 25 position D-sub connector on the other end.  Foil and braided shielded handles are normally used to guard against EMI and RFI.
Small Computer System Interface Cable Assemblies
Depending on the application, SCSI cable assemblies consist of 25 pin D-sub to Centronics 50 position male, or Centronics 50 position male to male, or male to female.  Foil and braided shield and shielded handles are normally used to guard against EMI and RFI.
BNC Coax Cable Assemblies
Molded BNC cable assemblies are used in testing, control and video display instrumentation.  Molding over the BNC male connectors provides strain and flex relief.
Miscellaneous Cable Assemblies
Unicable has capabilities to produce a variety of molded and unmolded cable assemblies, including your custom design.  Tooling requires minimal time, usually ten days or less, and is very inexpensive.  Some standard items available for assembly are fused and non-fused cigarette plugs, straight and right-angle mono plugs, stereo plugs, battery clips, sockets on ribbon cable, etc.