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How to Specify a Power Cord?
1. Specify "End One" Plug or End Treatment:
    a. Seclect a plug. Click to view options
    b. Or detail of end treatment.   
2. Overall Length of Power Cord:
    Measuring from "End-to-End", ie, from plug mating face to connector
    face, or to  lead end.
3. Select Wire Type and Size:
    a. Select wire type. 
    b. Select conductor size. Click to view options
4. Specify Color:
    From simple black and white, to Pantone color system and custom color
5. Specify "End Two" End Connector or End Finishing
    a. Seclect a connector. Click to view options
    b. Or detail of end treatment. 
6. Need Strain Relief? Please contact us for strain relief.
7. Provide packing detail, and any other important information in "Other